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 About  Yoshi-Dachs 

 Our family has been raising AKC Miniature   Dachshunds for quite some time, and in that time   we have had a load of fun to go with it 

 Breeding dogs for show and companion home alike    has been a passion of ours ever since our very first     Dachshund in 1998. 

 Starting with "Doxie" the passion was fueled to find   the very best quality, temperament and traits in the   Dachshund breed.

 Since then the dream of creating the 

 Perfect Dachshund 

 lives on in our hearts. 

 We have learned a lot over the years, and strive to     make our breeding program better each passing   day. 

 To this day we continue to raise Dachshunds in our   very own home, and we hope that by doing this the   dogs that we produce will be more fun and loving,   and will bring joy into your home. 

 All of our puppies have been socialized and have   experienced various new things already, so you can    have the confidence of knowing that when one of     our dogs is put into a new home, the transition wil     be simple and non-stressful to our little friends! 

 Our breeding program starting as a small hobby   has transformed the household here at 


 With every family member socializing with the dogs   it makes for a fun environment and a wonderful way   to spend time together as a family. 

 We hope that whatever dog we may bring into   someone else's life, it will cause as much joy as it   does for us. 

 It is truly wonderful to be able to raise and live with   these puppies and dogs in our own home, 

  and to ensure that they find good homes  

 when they leave us. 

 So when you're ready to bring an adorable   Dachshund puppy into your life, give us a call! 

 We may just have your next very best friend waiting   to go home with you! 

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