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Welcome to Yoshi-Dachs!

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Champion Parents   
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  AKC Miniature Smooth Dachshunds Since 1998  

  Site Updated May 30, 2023  



At Yoshi-Dachs we are a small Family-Owned Hobby/Show Breeder 

that is Dedicated to bringing you the

Best Quality Show and Companion Smooth

AKC Mini Dachshund puppies at a reasonable price.

With our 23 years of Experience in breeding Dachshunds,

you can have the confidence in knowing whether you need that next best Show Prospect 

or just a Furry Friend to cuddle,

you will be getting one of the Very Best

AKC Miniature Smooth Dachshund puppies for sale in the East Central Ohio area.


Our Yoshi-Dachs puppies are some of the most well tempered and behaved puppies

And they are Raised in Our Own Home.

These dogs hold a special place in Our Hearts, and

we are Delighted that we get to

Share that Joy with Others

by helping you

Welcome one of these Amazing Dogs into your Home. 

Cover Photo Joppa
Jonah stack 1
Red Female 1
Slender Blk Tan Female
1 Web Site Photo
Yoshi 05 Clear Red Male ( Baby Forest )_edited
#01 Yoshi Female Web shot
IMG_3594 (2)
Yoshi-Dachs Stormy Waters All Around Me AKA JONAH_edited




Here is Yoshi:

 she is our little CEO/Mascot of YoshiDachs.

Imported from Russia.

Being spoiled from the start

she made a fine addition to our loving family back in 2016,

and eventually became our

pride and joy.



IMG_3594 (2)_edited.jpg

This is our



Imported from Canada.

She was added

to our family

a year or so

after Yoshi,

and made for a wonderful

playmate for Yoshi and her pups. 

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